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KITTEC Electric Toploader CB 66

Price: 1891,00 €
Sales price: 1891,00 €
Sales price without tax: 1562,81 €
Tax amount: 328,19 €

Product ID: CB 66

KITTEC®CB Studio-Line kilns are manufactured in small lots and have an excellent price-performance proportion. This series is the re-design of the extremely successful CB Line. In 1979 KITTEC® was one of the first who started with the Top-Loaders in Europe. The kilns leave the company only after careful calculation, manufacturing and testing.




1) Round heating for a good heat distribution.
2) Stainless steel clamps for retightening.
3) Thermocouple for temperature registration, protected installed.
4) Easy opening of the lid by gas-springs (from CB 70).
5) Heating elements in grooved bricks.
6) Wide opening lid.



7) Bypass exhaust air nozzle laterally right, safe against condensation - option: left.
8) Lockable lid fastener.
9) Option: on castors (two of the four castors with stopper).
10) Two possible working heights by turnable stand.
11) Upon request in the colours charcoal-grey, green, yellow, red and silver.



Multi-Purpose Control-the Thermo-Computers.

TC 44 - no additional charge because it is included in the basic price.


Special Equipment with additional charge:

1) TC 66 - Control.
2) TC 88 - Control.

3) Furniture set (16): 3 shelves Ø 350mm, 6 props 50mm, 6 props 100mm, 1 ceramic threepointed stilt set, 1kg batt wash.

4) Option: on castors (two of the four castors with stopper).

5) Supply air bottom valve + supply air hole in the base (without collecting tank).

6) Exhaust air left instead of right.

7) Spy hole in the body (incl. catch plug).

8) Lid heating (sides- and/or lidheating infinitely variable). In English USER MANUAL.

9) In-Floor heating.

3-year warranty excepted the heating elements.

Kiln ready for connection with cable and plug.


Data overview:

Model: CB 66

Firing chamber diameter/height (mm):

Volume (l): 66

External width/depth/height (mm):

Height with turned stand (mm): 1010
Temperature max. (°C):   
Capacity (kW): 3,6
Voltage (V): 230 N~
Current (A): 16
Weight (kg): 60
Control: Bentrup TC 44














Manufacturer's page: KITTEC


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