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Raku furnace CBR 180 F

Price: 2374,06 €
Sales price: 2374,06 €
Sales price without tax: 1962,03 €
Tax amount: 412,03 €

Product ID: CBR 180 F
Raku kilns should be characterised by the fact that they can be transported easily. An easy handling as well as very short heating-up time are likewise desirable. All the KITTEC CBR Raku furnace in itself unites these advantages. It is a favourable and durable alternative to self built "Raku tons" – ceramics fiber-free and long-lived. And this in an outstanding price-performance ratio.

1) Door fastener (lockable).
2) Extremly quiet, well regulatable high-performance burner.
3) Option: bottle connection (pressure regulator with pressure gauge and all fittings between burner and gas bottle).

4) Stainless steel clamps for retightening.
Option: thermocouple for temperature registration, protected installed.
6) Option: temperature registration battery-powered.
7) Option: castors (two of the four castors with stopper).

Stand upon request in the colours charcoal-grey, green, yellow, red and silver.
- High quality isolating without ceramic fibre.
- Stainless steel components, rust free low outside temperature.
- Body and door mortar free gaped, no cracks.
- Wide opening door (approx. 170°).
- Extremly short heating up times.

- Low energy consumption.

- Detailed user's manual.

- 3 years of warranty.


Data overview:

Model: CBR 180 F

Firing chamber width x depth x height (mm):

Volume gross (l): 207
External width x depth x height (mm)
Temperature max. (°C): 1150
Burner capacity (kW): 30
Weight (kg): 130














Manufacturer's page: KITTEC

Ordering the furnace without gas combustion equipment 30kW, price decreases 477.87 €.

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