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CERALINE wax crayons can be used for decoration upon any ceramic foundation. Draw with CERALINE wax crayons, fill in with pigments, glazes or engobe, or cover it all with glaze. And discover how you too can obtain unique results in a safe and time saving way with CERALINE Wax Crayons.
CERALINE Wax Crayons exit in 10 basic colours and 4 oxides (FeO, CoO, CuO and MnO). All colours are available in 2 versions: CLB02A for earthenware 1050-1150°C temperature and CLB7 for stoneware 1150-1300°C temperature.
The version for low temperature can also be used at high temperature, but the installed line will fade out slightly. The version for high temperature cannot be used at low temperature, because the colours will fail to stick.

Wax Crayons Ceraline

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